Armoured Swat Vehicles swat and military, aTM security vehicles & armoured guard cars

What type of commercial purpose armoured vehicles do you provide?

Armoured Swat Vehicles

Armoured vehicles, cars and swat vehicles including military are the specialty of the Armored Group.

We can also make custom builds such as atm vehicles, security and guard transport cars.

We specialize in selling the safest cars for cash in transit (C.I.T.), and coin routes. We continually develop ways to improve the design and enhance the manufacturing process of our armoured trucks, armoured vans, armoured cars, cash in transit vehicles, mobile check cashing, and ATM vehicles.

Our selection of pre-owned and newly completed armoured vehicles gives our clients the flexibility to choose armoured cars that best suite their needs and safety specifications. Feel free to browse our armoured vehicles web page link and view pre-owned vehicles. You can also search our inventory of newly built armoured vehicles by categories such as; chassis manufacturer, payload requirement, and type of work performed.

What is the process of building and configuring armoured vehicles to fit my specific needs?

All of the armoured vehicles that are produced by The Armor Group are of the highest grade.

We use only the highest quality of armour and ballistic materials available today.If you have an interest in building an armoured vehicle from the ground up, it will be built to the your exact specifications.

We work hard to ensure that the components used are correctly specified to meet the need of the liability carried. The design will be reviewed so that the armoured cars yield maximum safety for both crew and cargo.

Different cargos face different threats, and therefore armored vehicles, cars, swat and armoured military vehicles require different protection. We strive to provide atm, security and guard transport vehicles of the highest grade.

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