"BATT" Vehicles Vital To Law Enforcement Special Assignment Units

SWAT Armored VehiclesMilitary and law enforcement special assignment units depend upon armored tactical transport vehicles to pull off successful missions in high threat situations. And when those units choose the vehicles upon which lives will very much depend, they look to the Armored Group. Our name is synonymous with a host of products including SWAT armored vehicles, non-armored vehicles, military tactical and prisoner transport vehicles, armored suburbans, and more. And our line of SWAT armored vehicles offers state of the art engineering and design and unsurpassed performance courtesy of our BATT (Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport) family of vehicles.

Our BATT family of vehicles ../includes the BATT S, BATT XL, BATT CC, BATT A P, and BATT S A P special unit model. These models are used across the world by special assignment units responsible for responding to critical incidents involving weapons and high threat levels. The superior design and engineering aspects of this series allow them to provide optimum ballistic protection to the people inside. As such they are extremely effective in evacuating neighborhoods and rescuing injured officers and civilians during incidents; all the while providing more space inside for officers and equipment.

Each vehicle in the Armored Groups Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport line is fortified by the highest ballistic protection available on the market today. In fact, the high hard ballistic steel used on all of our armored vehicles is the only true armor plate on the market today. As such it meets rigorous United States military armor specifications and provides unrivaled ballistic protection. In addition, all of our armored vehicles are fitted with materials from the only certified armor plate manufacturer in the market today as well as "glass clad polycarbonate," which provides increased ballistic protection over the former industry, "bulletproof glass." In using state of the art technological and design elements throughout each of our vehicles, nothing has been left to chance, and performance in critical situations is never an issue.

The kinds of incidents that call for a response from special assignment police units are incidents in which law enforcement has little or no margin for error. Under such circumstances it’s little wonder that the professionals turn to the Armored Group for their tactical transport vehicles. Discover what countless law enforcement agencies and military outfits around the world have discovered about our BATT family of armored vehicles, and learn more about how they continue to set the standard for armored protection.

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