Bulletproof Armored Cars

Does the Armored Group offer armored car transport vehicles?

Our armored cars are often used as transport vehicles. We customize bulletproof vehicles that can be used as prisoner transport vehicles, money transport vehicles, and more. We are best known for our armored SWAT vehicles, as well as tactical trucks, SWAT trucks, and much more. Consult The Armored Group for your custom designed armored vehicle.

The Armored Group consistently delivers a wide range of armored vehicle options including:

  • Prisoner transport vehicles
  • Cash in Transit vehicles
  • Armored SWAT vehicles
  • Tactical trucks

Learn more about the tremendous flexibility and unmatched performance of our armored cars and armored trucks.

Armored car transport vehicles are among our most popular items. From Cash in Transit vehicles to prisoner transport vehicles we’ve got the armored trucks to help you transfer your cargo safely. Look to The Armored Group for tactical trucks, Rapid Deployment and armored SWAT vehicles, and much more, and let us custom design a vehicle to address your needs. Grant writing assistance is also available.

Our bulletproof make for incredibly effective transport vehicles, armored SWAT vehicles, and more. Police and military units use our armored cars and armored trucks for tactical missions, and depend on our advanced design and superior engineering for outstanding results every time. Learn more about our inventory of SWAT trucks and bulletproof vehicles.

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