Armored Vans & Vehicles for SWAT Tactical Teams

Do you carry armored vans as part of your inventory of SWAT vehicles?

Armored vans are part of our diverse line of new and used armored cars that also includes tactical SWAT trucks, tactical police trucks, prisoner transport vehicles, and bulletproof vehicles with stainless steel and aluminum armor. We custom design each armored vehicle to fit the needs of you the customer. Learn more about The Armored Group and our armored trucks, vans, and cars today.

SWAT units will fulfill their transportation needs at The Armored Group. We offer:

Our bulletproof vehicles represent the finest the armored vehicle industry has to offer. Let us put you in the vehicle that’s right for you.

Look to the armored group for new and used armored cars including armored vans, armored trucks, tactical police trucks, prisoner transport vehicles and more. Our bulletproof vehicles are built for performance and dependability, and employ state of the art technology that assures that performance every time. Choose from among our many armored vehicle options.

We offer countless options in the field of SWAT vehicles including tactical SWAT trucks, armored vans, transport vehicles, and more. We are the leading name in new and used armored cars, and with good reason. Trust your armored truck and armored vehicle needs to us.

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