Armored & Bulletproof Ford Trucks for Transit

Look to us for the industry’s mot diverse line of custom armored Ford trucks.

Our line of armored Ford trucks is built to meet the very specific security needs of our clientele the world over. Be it an armored Ford F-150, armored Ford F-550, armored Ford E-350, Ford Transit or other model you’re interested in, we’ll customize it to your exacting specifications in order to ensure maximum safety for crew and cargo. As one of the most respected armored truck manufacturers in the world, The Armored Group takes the time to get to know you and what you need in a security truck. Security transport is what we do best, and our website,, affords Ford lovers a feel for the many bulletproof trucks we can offer them. We offer bulletproof transport for Police and Military units, as Cash-in-Transit Vehicles, for Prisoner Transport and more. Look to us for the very best in custom security trucks, including several options that carry the Ford name.

We are always searching for new and innovative ways to advance the design process for our armored Ford trucks and all of our vehicles. Our Ford line includes the following models:

  • Armored Ford F-150
  • Armored Ford F-550
  • Armored Ford E-350
  • Ford Transit

We will conduct an in-depth discussion with you in order to evaluate your needs. Furthermore, we will study your operational procedures so that your custom design is build to your exact specifications. Nothing less than the maximum safety of your employees is acceptable to us. Upon meeting with us, learning more about our company and its history and discovering the process by which we create our bulletproof trucks, you’ll feel validated for having chosen The Armored Group to provide your security transport.

Our clientele consists of companies and organizations from every corner of the world. No matter their locations, these clients have made the determination that securing their armored Ford trucks from The Armored Group is the best move they can make. Our reputation in the world of armored truck manufacturers is unrivaled, and we’re always looking for ways to lead our industry to new and exciting levels of excellence as it pertains to bulletproof transport.

Call today at (602) 840-2271 to schedule a consultation with our expert team. We take your security needs as seriously as you do, and are committed to protecting your crew and cargo as if they were our own. Learn more about our Ford line of armored trucks, and all of the vehicles at your disposal at The Armored Group.

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