Commercial Armored Vehicles

With many years of experience in the armored military and tactical vehicles industry, The Armored Group, LLC is one of the most dependable manufacturers of fully customizable commercial armored vehicles on the planet. Our specialized transport vehicles are field-tested to survive many dangerous commercial, military and security environments, and every one of our vehicles has been engineered specifically to offer the highest levels of safety, reliability and durability when they are most needed.

The commercial armored vehicles we design and manufacture offer long-term defense and protection from aggressive ballistic and explosive threats in the field, as well as provide advanced on- and off-road performance in unfavorable outdoor environments. We are experts when it comes to all manner of used and new commercial armored vehicles, including, but not limited to:

  • Armored Ford trucks (Ford F-550, Ford E-350, Ford F-150 and Ford Transit)
  • Armored GM trucks (GM Canyon and GM 3500)
  • Armored Chevy, Toyota and Tacoma trucks are also available
  • Armored bank trucks and security vans/SUVs
  • Money transport vehicles
  • Tactical/SWAT/bulletproof trucks
  • Prisoner transport vehicles
  • Cash-in-transit trucks and vans
  • Check cashier and ATM vehicles
  • Our commercial armored security vehicles are trustworthy and hard-wearing!

These commercial armored security vehicles are typically used for the transportation of people, personnel, large amounts of cash to and from banks and other financial institutions, as well as for transferring jewelry, bullion, prescription drugs, classified documents, and other precious cargo. Our commercial armored trucks, vans, SUVs and other vehicles can be custom designed, built and/or modified to meet your exact specifications with regards to all sorts of different terrain types, and no job is too complex or time-consuming for our dedicated team.

At The Armored Group, we have supplied security vehicles to government and military agencies, as well as private individuals and businesses, all over the planet. Our expert vehicle engineers and manufacturers understand the extreme physical needs and intense demands that an armored vehicle will experience and have to deal with on a mission, resulting in a security transport vehicle that is constructed to be able to withstand even the most ferocious and violent of attacks!

Regardless of how tough the assignment is, no matter how risky and life-threatening the circumstances, our commercial armored military, tactical and security vehicles will never let you down when you need to transport money, valuables or other important commodities from one place to another. If you are in need of an armored vehicle that boasts unbeatable protection for on- and off-road mobility, please call 602-840-2271 or contact us online today for more details. The Armored Group, LLC is equipped and ready to share our expertise with you when it comes to any custom commercial armored vehicle request you may have for us.