Cash In Transit Vehicles

Do you have cash in transit vehicles for sale?

We do have cash in transit vehicles for sale as well as prisoner transport armored vehicles, tactical SWAT trucks, BATT and Rapid Deployment options, and more. In short we offer a host of new and used armored cars and armored trucks that can and will be customized to your specifications. Look to The Armored Group for CIT vehicles and much more.

The Armored Group not only as cash in transit vehicles for sale, we also offer:

  • Bullion trucks
  • Tactical SWAT trucks
  • Prisoner transport vehicles
  • Rapid deployment armored vehicles
  • New and used armored cars

If you’re in the market for a CIT vehicle depend on our superior design and technology.

Meet your company’s cash transport needs by purchasing a CIT vehicle from The Armored Group. We have several cash in transit vehicles for sale, as well as prisoner transport vehicles, tactical SWAT trucks and more. Our clients can choose from a fleet of new and used armored cars, all custom designed to meet their needs. Discover the number one name in armored vehicles.

Trust the Armored Group for your CIT vehicles and the most versatile selection of armored cars and armored trucks anywhere. Choose from a number of cash in transit vehicles for sale, and educate yourself as to the superior technology and design our armored vehicles employ across the board.

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