Armoured Trucks & SWAT Fighting Vehicles

What are some of the materials used in the building process of the armoured trucks?

Armoured trucks, armoured cars and vehicles from the Armored Group are made from the finest materials, and our car services can make fighting vehicles for transport or any other need.

We have a variety of vehicles for sale including military and swat.

The Armored group will always go above and beyond when building and catering to current and potential clients of armoured vehicles.

We use the very best armour and test with the highest grade ballistics firearms, from a handgun to an high-powered rifle. Our armoured trucks are available to be built with stainless steel armour, aluminum, or galvanneal. If it is built with stainless steel, it provides the customer with nearly a lifetime of body armour that does not ware out over time.

All of our armoured trucks can be remounted on a new chassis several times, giving them a long lasting quality. Using armour of aluminum, we provide our customers with the opportunity of higher payloads reducing the overall gross weight of our armoured vehicles. Using armor of galvanneal, we provide the price sensitive customer a high quality armored body built for years of reliable service and protection.

Are the armoured vehicles safe enough for military/swat use or as a fighting vehicle?

 We pride ourselves on the ability to reach out to different customer demands that might take place in the marketplace.

Because of this, we are able to offer many different types of armoured vehicles.

Our armoured trucks, armoured cars and vehicles are not only made from the best car services materials, but our fighting vehicles for transport can be customized. Find a vehicle for sale that suits your needs or have us build your military or swat cars!

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