Bulletproof & Armored GM Trucks

Those in the market for armored GM trucks will find a great deal to like at www.armored-trucks.com. We are a go-to resource for bulletproof trucks for clients the world over. As a highly respected armored truck manufacturer, we make it our goal to offer vehicle options from the leading truck manufacturers. These options feature a variety of Generals Motors trucks, including the armored GM Canyon, armored GM 3500 and more. Our clients are located in some of the most volatile hotspots in the world, and they are very serious about their security truck transportation. We take the measure of each client in a very specific way, learning about their business, operational procedures and security needs. Then we go about customizing their vehicles in a way that addresses all of these aspects in detail. State-of-the-art engineering and technology is what we promise in each and every vehicle we armor. Call today to learn more about what we can offer you.

Deciding on the company that will provide your armored vehicles is a big one. We have been a leading light in our industry for decades, with a list of clients that includes a number of corporations, U.S. and foreign governments, and more.

  • We offer trucks from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including several options for General Motors trucks
  • GM Canyon and GM 3500 are among the options available
  • We work with an international clientele
  • All of our vehicles are customized so that we can address your very unique security needs

At The Armored Group, we depend upon stringent quality controls, proven manufacturing systems and world-class certifications. Ours is an industry in which good is not good enough. The vehicles we provide must be up to the task of performing when the chips are down and the bullets are flying. The safe movement of valuables from one place to another includes the safe transportation of the most precious cargo of all, your crew, and our vehicles are always up to the task.

Let’s begin a series of in-depth conversations regarding your armored truck needs. Contact The Armored Group at your convenience at (602) 840-2271.