FAQ’s About Armored Trucks

Some of the most frequently asked questions about our Armored Trucks & Armored Car Services, and more, can be found here.

  • Look to us for the industry’s mot diverse line of custom armored Ford trucks.
    Our line of armored Ford trucks is built to meet the very specific security needs of our clientele the world over. Be it an armored Ford F-150, armored Ford F-550, armored Ford E-350, Ford Transit or other model you’re interested in, we’ll customize it to your exacting specifications in order to ensure maximum safety for crew and cargo. As one of the most respected armored truck manufacturers in the world.
  • What services are your armored trucks used for?
    Our armored trucks and armored vans are used as SWAT vehicles, cash in transit vehicles, police and military bulletproof trucks, prisoner transport vehicles and more. We have the largest inventory of custom armored vehicles on the market today. Look to The Armored Group for armored cars, SWAT trucks, and more.
  • Does the Armored Group offer armored car transport vehicles?
    Our armored cars are often used as transport vehicles. We customize bulletproof vehicles that can be used as prisoner transport vehicles, money transport vehicles, and more. We are best known for our armored SWAT vehicles, as well as tactical trucks, SWAT trucks, and much more.
  • Do you carry armored vans as part of your inventory of SWAT vehicles?
    Armored vans are part of our diverse line of new and used armored cars that also includes tactical SWAT trucks, tactical police trucks, prisoner transport vehicles, and bulletproof vehicles with stainless steel and aluminum armor. We custom design each armored vehicle to fit the needs of you the customer.
  • Do you have cash in transit vehicles for sale?
    We do have cash in transit vehicles for sale as well as prisoner transport armored vehicles, tactical SWAT trucks, BATT and Rapid Deployment options, and more. In short we offer a host of new and used armored cars and armored trucks that can and will be customized to your specifications.
  • What types of SWAT vehicles do you offer?
    Our SWAT vehicles are diverse and include SWAT police trucks, SWAT armored vehicles, tactical trucks, police cars, vans, and more. Our bulletproof vehicles offer superior design and engineering, and our inventory includes new and used armored cars.
  • What different types of armoured cars and armoured trucks do you offer?
    Armoured cars, trucks and armoured car services from the Armored Group, LLC, includes personal cars, cruiser, swat vehicles, transport and military cars. Our wide range of armoured vehicles can be made to meet your specific requirements.
  • Can you create a car customized to my security specifications?
    Armoured cars, armoured vehicles and military vehicles can be customized for transport or swat use.If you need armoured cars for security, guard use or general transport, we can build to your exact specifications. The Armored Group is able to take on any new task, big or small.
  • What are some of the materials used in the building process of the armoured trucks?
    Armoured trucks, armoured cars and vehicles from the Armored Group are made from the finest materials, and our car services can make fighting vehicles for transport or any other need. We have a variety of vehicles for sale including military and swat.
  • Who is the Armored Group and what do you specialize in?
    Armoured vehicles, cars and trucks are the specialty of our armoured car company. If you need a cruiser, swat vehicle, military transport vehicle or car services to customize a job, we can help!
  • What type of commercial purpose armoured vehicles do you provide?
    Armoured vehicles, cars and swat vehicles including military are the specialty of the Armored Group. We can also make custom builds such as atm vehicles, security and guard transport cars. We specialize in selling the safest cars for cash in transit (C.I.T.), and coin routes.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!