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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]
What services are your armored trucks used for?
Does the Armored Group offer armored car transport vehicles?
Do you carry armored vans as part of your inventory of SWAT vehicles?
Do you have cash in transit vehicles for sale?
What types of SWAT vehicles do you offer?
What different types of armoured cars and armoured trucks do you offer?
Can you create a car customized to my security specifications?
What are some of the materials used in the building process of the armoured trucks?
Who is the Armored Group and what do you specialize in?
What type of commercial purpose armoured vehicles do you provide?
Look to us for the industry's mot diverse line of custom armored Ford trucks.

Export / International Trucks

8 Manufacturing Sites In 5 Countries In Business Since 1992

Sales offices
  • Arizona, USA
  • Canada
  • Dubai
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Libya
  • Missouri, USA
  • Nigeria
  • Texas, USA
Manufacturing locations
  • Michigan, USA
  • North Carolina, USA
  • Texas, USA
  • Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
  • Toronto, CANADA
  • Stadthagen, GERMANY
  • Vijayawada, INDIA
  • Amman, JORDAN
  • OMAN