Plenty of Vehicle Options

Our fleet of Armored Trucks offers vehicle options to meet the needs of every client

Any business that requires the safe movement of valuables from one location to another has a friend in The Armored Group. Many of our customers count on us for the types of armored trucks and vans that can make the transport of valuables in hotspots around the globe a safe proposition. We never lose sight of the fact that different cargo faces different threats, and requires different specifics as it pertains to vehicle security. One commonality within all cargo vehicles are the vehicle operators, and it is their safety we put above all else.

Which type of armored transport vehicle tops your list? The Armored Group has always made it a point to offer our clients a versatile array of options so that every need can be met and every taste in vehicles satisfied. Armored Transport Vehicle options include:

  • Cash in Transit Vehicles
  • Armored Trucks and Vans
  • Mobile Checking Vehicles
  • Mobile ATM Vehicles
  • We have a variety of new and used vehicles to suit your armored transport needs
  • Makes and models from the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry

By the time our designers begin their work, they will have an intimate knowledge of your operational procedures and your security needs. When our work is complete, you will find yourself in possession of a body built to last and withstand the most volatile situations. In fact, the body of your vehicle can be remounted on a new chassis several times over. The absolute protection of your cargo and crew drives everything we do, and drives us to improve upon the standard we’ve set over the course of more than two decades.

Our clients conduct their business in some of the most volatile hotspots in the world. These locations can be fraught with peril absent the right type of security vehicle. This is why each and every one of our vehicles is armored to the exact specifications of the customer. Our initial discussions with you will form the basis of the blueprint we use in the design and creation of your vehicle.