New and Pre-owned

Both our new and pre-owned armored transport vehicles feature state-of-the-art engineering and technology.

Our clients come to us from all over the world. By definition then, their vehicle preferences and security needs are going to be unique. One of the ways we can be proactive in providing the vehicle options our clients need is giving them the option of choosing from new and pre-owned vehicles. Choosing a pre-owned vehicle may be more affordable for a client, but that affordability does not come at the expense of the state-of-the-art engineering and technology that is the centerpiece of all our vehicles.

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Plenty of Vehicle Options

Our fleet of Armored Trucks offers vehicle options to meet the needs of every client

Any business that requires the safe movement of valuables from one location to another has a friend in The Armored Group. Many of our customers count on us for the types of armored trucks and vans that can make the transport of valuables in hotspots around the globe a safe proposition. We never lose sight of the fact that different cargo faces different threats, and requires different specifics as it pertains to vehicle security. One commonality within all cargo vehicles are the vehicle operators, and it is their safety we put above all else.

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